Adalia Decempunctata f. Decempustulata (10 spot ladybird)

Spotted by Volunteer Camilla. First logged 30/06/20
Identification confirmed by Maria Justamond on Ladybirds UK

One of the many colour variations of 10 spot ladybirds

Adalia Decempunctata f. Decempustulata, Common Names – 10 Spot Ladybird

Conservation status – Common

Category – Beetle

Find out more on the Nature Spots website.


Commonly found in woodland and areas with trees

More Details

A small and highly variable ladybird with a few different colour patterns and varying degrees of strength/vividity.


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Conservation Work 8 & 9 /10/20

Sat Oct 10 , 2020
Work is steamrolling ahead and the team have rediscovered whole new woodland area in Ten Acres this week and excavated it for public use once more. wow!

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