This week we spent time on the Himalayan Balsam attacking the top meadow garden and river banks. Volunteers spent time pulling up each stem and snapping the roots, carefully laying them in existing patches to prevent any accidental spread. We also had a quick look at the muddy path which […]

As part of the WMCA funding this year we were able to get an official bird survey from the Birmingham Wildlife Trust across the Ten Acres site to gather a ‘snapshot’ of wildlife this year. Already we are seeing a big improvement on species diversity on the site since we […]

Veronica Beccabunga, common name – Brooklime Family Plantaginaceae Status Common Ten Acres Habitation Brooklime can be found in large patches North of the Sloe bridge on the east river bank of the river rea.

This week we continued working on the river bank at the top end of ten acres in Stirchley. There was a lot of built of deadwood in this area blocking the view and the flight paths of birds and causing blockages in the river. The team began work relocating some […]

Viola Riviniane, common name – Common Dog Violet Family Violaceae Status Common Ten Acres Habitation We have found one small plant species tucked underneath a crack willow on the river edge as the bourn meets the rea.