Hazards and Concerns with Drug Misuse

Alan explains how the make up of the woodland has lead to hazardous areas where drug misuse takes place and the dangerous syringes and tools left behind. We show you what these tools look like so you know what to look out for and how dangerous it is to handle this equipment. We have been clearing the area so that environmental health can come in and safely remove the paraphenalia.

Hidden pathways can often attract younger kids to explore and with everyone enjoying the ten acreas site even more recently it’s very important to make you aware of the dangers lurking just inside. So please, try not to stray from the path just yet – and in the meantime, newly opened up areas from our conservation work have had hazard tape erected around dangerous syringe filled locations. So if you see hazard tape please STAY CLEAR and keep your kids and dogs away from that area.

If you have any questions you would like to ask the team send us an email to s.adelaar@suslife.uk


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Conservation Work 02/07/20

Fri Jul 3 , 2020
The team spent more work today looking at the hazardous back areas of the woodland and opening them up and sectioning unsafe areas with hazard tape. We also spotted a few species to add to our flora/fauna collection!