Common Blue Butterfly

Spotted by Volunteer Camilla. First logged 19/07/20.

Common Blue

Polyommatus icarus, common name – Common Blue

Status It remains widespread but there have been local declines within its range.

Size and Family

  • Family: Blues
  • Size: Small
  • Wing Span Range (male to female): 35mm

Conservation Status                   

  • Butterfly Conservation priority: low
  • European status: Not threatened

Caterpillar Foodplants

Common Bird’s-foot-trefoil (Lotus corniculatus) is the main foodplant. Other plants used include: Greater Bird’s-foot-trefoil (L. pedunculatus), Black Medick (Medicago lupulina), Common Restharrow (Ononis repens), White Clover (Trifolium repens), Lesser Trefoil (T. dubium).

More Information on Butterfly-Conservation here.

Ten Acres Habitation

Zone 7 – In the grassy area of the woodland conservation area after the Bewdley Road entrance.


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