This week the team were dealing with a difficult area of the woodland filled with drug paraphenalia. Previously the sheltered spots in the woodland relatively untouched by the public and out of sight – have meant that drug misuse in the area has increased. This means many areas of the […]

This week the lads carried on through the woodland re-discovering the original pathway through ten acres and doing some balsam bashing to try to limit the spread of the invasive pest species Himalayan Balsam down the river through Ten Acres. Before & During Where were we?

Today the lads went over the first bridge and began work around the section with the most lost pathway. It was so very dense they struuggled to get in to the undergrowth at all and had to walk around it the long way to get there from the other side!They […]

This time the lads went a bit deeper in the woodland to around the first bridge as it crosses over the bourn. Today the boys worked from 8am until 5pm almost non stop with the exception of a picnic lunch break. Lily came along at lunchtime to see what they […]

Work began again in earnest last week (sorry for the delay in updating it’s been rather busy over here!) Here are some work shots from the boys this week so you can see the progress on site. Before & During Photos After Video Where were we?

We had a great full day of conservation work today on the land clearing the right hand side of the entrance. We took a few before and during shots and made a little video too so you can see exactly what we are up to. This is all part of […]

In a few short weeks we are aiming to get started on our conservation work at the Ten Acres site. We will have two qualified professionals working through the site section by section to make it safe and develop a proper maintenance plan. While we cannot accept volunteers just yet […]