Geranium Robertianum, common names: herb robert, stinking bob, wild geranium Family Geraniaceae Status Commonly Widespread woodland and grassland plant. Details A low-growing plant, Herb-robert has five-petalled, pink flowers, and reddish stems. The deeply divided, lobed leaves are also tinged with red. Ten Acres Habitation Geranium Robertianum is found on the […]

Plantago Lanceolata, common names Plantain, Ribwort, Narrowleaf Plantain. Family Plantaginaceae Status Commonly Widespread typically on cultivated land. Details Plantago Lanceolata has spear-shaped leaves that form a rosette at the base of the plant. Short stems grow from its leaves, with compact flower heads that display protruding white stamens. The flower […]

Our key safety gear – hard hats and hi viz jackets have arrived for the Friends of Ten Acres and thier volunteers. This will be vital equipment when conservation work begins to ensure the safety of our practitioners and volunteers while working in the derelict woodland. Proudly modelled here by […]

We want to catalogue the Ten Acres Flora and Fauna online as part of our conservation and management plan – and we need your help! Download the iNaturalist app on your phone and join the Ten Acres Conservation project: Go to the Ten Acres woodland site on one of […]

In a few short weeks we are aiming to get started on our conservation work at the Ten Acres site. We will have two qualified professionals working through the site section by section to make it safe and develop a proper maintenance plan. While we cannot accept volunteers just yet […]

Spotted by Volunteer Stephanie. First logged 25/04/20 Arum Maculatum, common name Lords and Ladies, Cuckoo Pint. Family Araceae Status Commonly Widespread woodland plant. Genus Arum are tuberous perennials with simple, arrow-head shaped leaves and tiny flowers hidden, at the base of a yellow or purple, club-shaped spadix, within a showy, […]

We are super pleased to announce that the Ten Acres Conservation project has been launched. While we will have volunteering opportunities available in the future, due to the current pandemic we are not currently taking volunteering enquiries. Ten Acres Conservation is a community project developed and managed by Sustainable Life […]