Tyria Jacobaeae (Cinnabar)

Spotted by Volunteer annamaseko. First logged 25/07/20.
Earliest Submitted record by Volunteer Annabel (Before 2020 project began)

The Cinnabar moths distinctive striped caterpiller stage

Tyria Jacobaeae, common name Cinnabar

Status Widespread throughout Britain and Ireland, commonly found in gardens.

Size and Family

  • Family: Tigers, Ermines, Footmen and allies (Arctiids)
  • Size: Medium
  • Wing Span Range (male to female): 34-46mm

Conservation Status                   

  • UK BAP: Priority species (Research only)
  • Common

Caterpillar Foodplants

Ragwort and Groundsels.

More Information on Butterfly-Conservation here.

Ten Acres Habitation

At key spots along the river rea managed pathway where groundsels and ragwort are found. They can be few and far between.


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