The garden takes shape

We planted mroe wild strawberries today in the top meadow garden and decided upon laying a new path through one of the beds as the children were naturally drawn to cross the beds at this point. We made a few of our own pots using paper and pot shapers and planted some fennel seedlings to take home and look after for the future. We had lots of fun hanging out in the semi-sun, playing with a bubble mower and a big bucket of water to refill little ones watering cans.

We were very excited to see lots more cuckoo flowers coming up and the beautiful orange tipped butterflies along with them – as well as a brand new plant previously unrecorded on site: the humble wintercress, growing singularly from the river bank by the edge of the garden.

We then all sat down around basecamp 1 and met up with the core volunteer team from Forest Futures to have a well earned coffee break before heading home.


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Volunteers continue restoration

Fri May 21 , 2021
Volunteers continued to restore the river bank last week and clear the built up deadwood and bramble from the riverside making room for young saplings, native trees and plants. Its starting to look really beautiful and they have created another little walk through of the wooded area upon the bank.