Staphylinus Olens (Devils Coach Horse)

Spotted by Volunteer annamaseko. First logged 26/08/2020

Devils Coach Horse Beetle on the Ten Acres Path lifting its rear in warning

Staphylinus Olens, Common Names – Devil Coach Horse

Conservation status – Common

Category – Beetle

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Commonly found in grassland, farmland, gardens and woodland.

More Details

The Devil’s coach horse is an all-black, medium-sized beetle, with large jaws and a tail that it holds cocked in a characteristic, scorpion-like position. When threatened it can spray a foul smelling odour and can also deliver a pretty painful bite.


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Thu Oct 15 , 2020
Spotted by Volunteer Camilla. First logged 29/06/20 Chamerion Angustifolium, common names – Rosebay Willowherb, Fireweed Family Onagraceae Status Common Ten Acres Habitation Along the river rea banks. Sighting include up beyond hazelwell and further down past ten acres. Very common all along the river rea.

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