Sarcoscypha Austriaca

Confirmed Microscopically by Aileen Baird from the University of Birmingham on 07/03/2021.

Sarcoscypha Austriaca, common name Scarlet Elf Cup fungus

Status Common, found on deadwood in wetland conditions.

Scarlet Elf Cup Funghi on Deadwood

A bright red cup fungus commonly found throughout the UK in wetland wood habitat. Looks macroscopiocally simlar to Ruby elf cup fungus (rare), so we had these looked at by Aileen – a mycologyst from the University of Birmingham – to verify their correct ID. She confirmed they were Scarlet Elf Cup NOT Ruby Elf Cup on 7th March 2021 and was very helpful even allowing us to see the process of identification via zoom.

Microscopic View

Thanks to Aileen Baird we were able to look at these mushrooms microscopically. Here’s what they looked like!

Found across the Ten Acres woodland conservation site on deadwood.


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