Bat Walk: 29th July 2022

Unlike previous bat walks this one was a quiet one. The main body of bats on the hunt on this evenings were Pipistrelles and they were few and far between across the woodland and park. No new sightings/recordings and no confirmations this time! Fingers crossed for a better walk on Sunday!

Here is a list of the species we found on site this week according to the Echo Meter 2 – a wonderful bat detection system that displays the bat calls in real time, translates them into sound we can hear, maps their GPS and auto – IDs the bats.

Soprano Pipistrelle

Listen in on our walk and this bat here

Common Pipistrelle

Listen in on our walk and this bat here

Natterer’s Myotis

Recordings Unclear.


Recordings Unclear.

Species on Site

We can confirm the following species of bat on site with absolute certainty:

  • Noctule (UK BAP Priority)
  • Lesser Noctule
  • Common Pipistrelle
  • Soprano Pipistrelle
  • Brandt’s Myotis
  • Whiskered Myotis

And we have several suspected species based on the EchoMeter:

  • Nathusius’ Pipistrelle
  • Natterers Myotis
  • Western Barbastelle

View the Map

You can view where we found these bats on our walks and view by species on the google map here:


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